About Apples to Oranges








Apples to Oranges strives to educate and inform its readers about both transformative education and current educational policies being enacted in schools and districts across the country. However, this blog isn’t only for the educators out there; it is also for parents and those wishing to get involved with making a change for the better in our education system. The aim of this blog is to promote a better system for our children so that each child has an equal opportunity at quality education no matter where or what their socioeconomic status is.

Like its name, Apples to Oranges wants to show readers that sometimes a big transformation is a good thing. Not only that, but it also tells the tale of how comparing today’s educational system to the one that will shape a better future for our children by using transformative education is like saying apples and oranges are the same. They’re not, and neither are the system that education functions under now and transformative education. Apples to Oranges is about taking a big leap in the right direction for the future of education, and talking out all of the issues that are at hand whether they stem from our current education system or transformative education.

This blog is about getting new ideas for teachers and educators out there, and how parents play a big part in a child’s education. It is also about questioning whether or not educational policies should be left to the hands of the government, and if our current system is truly the best one for our kids. But most of all, Apples to Oranges is about getting the word out there about what transformative education is, and how it can truly transform our system into one that completely engages our children and gives them a chance to understand what it means to love learning.